Straight Toupee with Lace Front / PU Back

Calling all gentlemen with straight hair, we've got you covered. This piece has a natural swirl with a multidirectional part and is available in several natural tones.

This hairpiece is primarily made of thin skin material 0.08mm thick. This skin material is thin and not too thick which makes it easy to pull and give a snug fit. The skin material also gives a realistic scalp look which makes it possible to work with multiple type of styles. The first 1” is made of French lace. The knots are bleached with the first ½” single knotted to give a more realistic and invisible hair line

This lightweight unit can be worn for up to 12 weeks at a time. We strongly recommend that clients have standing appointments with you every 4 weeks to remove, clean and groom and reattach.


  • Base size: 8" x 10"
  • Hair Length: 5" to 6"
  • Curl: Slight body wave
  • Hair Color: Natural 1B, #6, #4
Natural Virgin
Medium Brown
Golden Brown
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Product In-Depth

Real men rock real hair. Fake hair moves like fake hair and stands out like fake hair. Every strand of hair in every hair replacement system we make has a clear lineage to its source. Harvested from the temples of India, our 100% human hair is cuticle intact and woven to create the most natural patterns and even a whirl at the crown.

Best of all? They’re comfortable. With only so many hours in a day for getting things done (like tinkering in the garage and fishing), your clients deserve not to spend hours fretting over a “hair hat”.


Swiss Lace Closure

Lightweight, and highly breathable, this fabric allows for ultimate comfort.


RENEW DuraBond™ Adhesive SYSTEM

Our RENEW DuraBond Adhesive is medical grade and skin safe. Lasting for 4 to 6 weeks, the hair system will be securely fixed and won’t come off without the use of our special cleanser applied by a professional.

Real Clients Livin’ The Life

Since first launching in 2018, we’ve been contacted by barbers and grateful clients alike, who have regained their confidence. There are real men, real users with real hair!